A Brief Clarification

So we’ve gotten a bit of confusion due to announcing too much, too soon, with our first PR last week (which you can still find and read here).

KILLING THE GRIZZLY is not the “Alternative to Zuda” alluded to in the PR. But we are working on an “Alternative to Zuda”, yes.

The PR announced our debut as an agency and production house.   Then rather over-excitedly (we were and are over-excited about it, what can we say?) announced that an “Alternative to Zuda” was in the works to debut in the very near future.

This website that you’re on right now, however – www.killingthegrizzly.com, is the agency, nothing more, nothing less.  We’ll also be producing limited edition runs of our creators’ works for raising reader, publisher, and producer awareness, however we are not a publisher, distributor, or a stand-alone production site ourselves.

We’ll be partnering with two other companies to bring the Zuda alternative to life.  The news for this will be announced shortly after SDCC.  Hope that clarifies things a bit for those that have been distressed by it.

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