What Are We?  What Do We Do?

Killing The Grizzly is a full service literary agency specializing in brand proliferation of original and licensed works. Their clients include well known, best selling writers and illustrators as well as emerging voices in the field who create cross-platform entertainment for traditional, mobile, film, television, social and emerging digital media formats.

Principals, Dave Baxter and Dallas Miller, formed Killing The Grizzly to promote talented  writers as well as illustrators whose works deserve to be seen in wider distribution. The firm is also home to traditional prose authors who aim to adapt their books into other formats for fans who already know their characters, but crave new exploits and adventures.

Through partners such as Archetype and ICM, as well as their own European, Asian and North American network, Baxter and Miller have become champions of branded properties, bridging the landscape of new media, while packaging and placing client projects with prominent entertainment companies who understand the power of visually represented stories.

Our Mission Statement: To develop and brand a growing stable of graphic novelists, screenwriters, prose authors, illustrators and animators, while securing opportunities for them in traditional and new media formats worldwide.

“Killing the Grizzly”?  Really?

Howard Tayler once said that making it as a comics creator in the modern market is “…like making Grizzly Bear Soup.  Step 1: Kill a grizzly.  Step 2: The rest is just soup.”

He went on to say: “Now, I know a lot of writers, who want to make a living full time as writers, and they go and get a degree in English.  Getting a degree in English in order to become a writer is like studying grizzly bear anatomy in order to kill the grizzly.  You know a lot about the shape of the bear, but you’re going to walk into the woods and have a tree fall on your head because what you should have been studying was geography, climatology, and the feeding of baby bears and a zillion other things that make your life more interesting than a degree in English.  I can’t show you how to kill a grizzly.  I can just show you how to make the soup.”

Killing the Grizzly is here to kill grizzlies.  Help us, won’t you?

Who Are We?

We are Dave Baxter and Dallas Miller.

Dave Baxter, President and Senior Agent, has worked in the comics field for over six years, first as a comic book journalist with Broken Frontier before holding positions at the comic production companies Spacedog Entertainment and Studio 407.  In early 2009 Dave co-founded Robot Comics – the first publisher (not distributor!) dedicated solely to mobile markets and shepherding original mobile works.  You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or ranting about digital publishing and coffee on his personal blog (well, you know, when he finds the time, which apparently hasn’t been in a while).

Dallas D. Miller, Vice President and Senior Agent, has years of agenting experience and was the founding partner at ETC…Entertainment: a talent management company. He has also worked as a freelance editor and script doctor.  His current focus is “equity acquisition” servicing the community of small to medium sized companies.  Dallas is also a published poet and playwright, and in his spare time, he works as a writer, voice and motion capture artist in the video gaming industry. You can also find him on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn ranting about the ills of Girl Scout Cookies and soulless pop culture.

What’s In This For You?

Commissions!  We work on a commission basis, all percentages based on the absolute standards expected by a traditional literary agent.

Are You Accepting Submissions?

Not yet.  But soon.  Subscribe to the blog to be notified when it happens.

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