AKA by Rob Reilly and Steven Walters



The Skinny

From Steven Walters (Suburban Folklore, Half Way Home) and Rob Reilly (Shrek, Atomic Robo) comes a pulse pounding, adrenalin-fueled ode to 70’s grindhouse films with AKA!

When henchman Adrian Truelove messes with the wrong mob boss’ daughter, a million dollar bounty is declared on his head, and only Guy Doyle – a ruthless hired gun – can bring him in.  But when insane killers and thugs hear about the bounty, a race begins that can only end in blood, betrayal, and bullets.

A 4-issue action-packed crime thriller, AKAalso includes back-up features by some of today’s hottest and up-and-coming comic creators, including Joe KellyBryan J.L. GlassJohn BrogliaJay Piscopo, and David Zuzelo.

The StyleAKA Cover #1

Writer Steven Walters is no stranger to urban-centric storytelling, considering his previous graphic novels South Central Rhapsody and Half Way Home.  But he’s never had the chance to unleash such hyper-violent grindhouse craziness as AKA!  Fans of comic book crime thrillers such as Matt Fraction’s Last of the Independents, Ed Brubaker’s Criminal, and films Jackie Brown, Crank, and Machete will find a natural new love in AKA.

Artist Rob Reilly brings a classic cartoonist’s style – larger than life characters, crystal clear linework, and dynamic layouts – to Walters’ gritty and blood-drenched story.  Under Reilly’s brush, which has illustrated such non-grindhouse material as Shreck and Atomic Robo, AKA becomes a kinetic four-color visual ride the likes of which has rarely been seen before!

The Story

Adrian Truelove has messed with the wrong mob boss’ daughter.  Guy Doyle is the wrong hired gun to send after him.  And Guy’s true love, Susan, has betrayed Guy with Adrian.  But looks (and motives) can be deceiving.  Deception is in the air and with a million dollars at stake to whomever brings back the head of Adrian Truelove, be sure that everyone is thinking about getting their hands dirty!

It all comes down to a cadre of the most insane killers entering a race to find – and bring back – the head of Adrian Truelove.   A white supremacist biker gang, the Mexican cartel, and lone professional assassins all converge on Truelove’s hiding place.  Who will make it out alive?  And what’s really going on with all involved?

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