Ana Chronistic by Matthew Mclean and Dexter Wee

The Skinny

Time is on Her Side.

The War is over, now everyone is living with the consequences.  When the Brylaz invaded, it was humanity’s first multi-dimensional war.  The war was won, but the aftermath caused the entirety of space and time to remain unstable, resulting in fluctuations that endanger the linearity of our existence.   To close these breaches and to safeguard against the return of the Brylaz, the Causality Enforcement Agency (CEA) was created.   The CEA’s top agent is Ana Kreyenis, aka Ana Chronistic; war veteran, time jumper, and general kicker of asses.

Ana Chronistic explores the empowerment of the individual in the face of overwhelming odds, even against the power of the cosmos itself.   Throughout her travels, Ana comes across many groups – some historical, some alternative – that seek to “fix” humanity through force.   The story explores the folly of this thinking, and how those that spearhead such ideas inevitably fall.   And that they need to get a sense of humor.

The Style

Ana Chronistic is planned to be a 110-page (five 22-page chapters) graphic novel.  The story is a high-octane action-adventure with twists and time-warping turns.  A little bit of hard sci-fi, a lot of high-fi sci-fi, villains you can hate, and heroes you can cheer for. The art by Dexter Wee offers rich detail and a dynamic line.  There are few adventure comics with as much imagination, fun, and richly textured art as Ana Chronistic!

The Story

Ana is trained to blend in, to get the job done without the bulk of humanity ever knowing she was there or that they were ever in danger.   So when dinosaurs start eating Ghengis Khan and the Mir Space Station ends up falling from the sky to nearly crush her, it’s up to Ana to figure out why time is collapsing in on itself and to save humanity.

Her investigation leads her to an alternate China and to Lee Huztler, an American helping the Tibetan resistance against imperial forces.   But Lee is also a Tau, or Time Invariant, one of the rare individuals that always seems to end up in the same time and place no matter what the changes to the timeline.   The Tau were instrumental in the defeat of the Brylaz and Lee will become key in defeating the newest threat — the Landesstreik.   Throughout history, the Landesstreik have begun to strike at the heart of some of humanity’s worst conflicts, laying waste to both sides and collecting any survivors to be whisked off to parts unknown.

Using Lee’s lifespan as a map, Ana charts the changes to the primeline to unravel the mystery of the Landesstreik.   Dodging through alternative timelines, Ana works as a chronological detective, each change she finds providing a hint to the next one, and eventually to the source!

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