Blade of the North Wind by Jeong-Mo Yang and Vincent R. Porter

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The Skinny

A sheltered boy must seek out a mythic hero – The Blade of the North Wind – to save his people from a group of bloodthirsty invaders.   But the boy’s journey may not bear fruit in quite the way he expected.

A coming of age tale by incredible new talent, Jeong-Mo Yang (Star Trek: Manga, Hellgate: London) and aided by writer Vincent Porter, Blade of the North Wind is an action-packed, classic adventure tale made specifically for the new digital era.

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Blade of the North Wind is told in a 3rd-person POV.  Narrated by a mystical voice that echoes a legend long forgotten, readers will be taken to a land where the oppressed people eagerly await the coming of their long sought hero.

Creator and Artist Jeong-Mo Yang utilizes an action-oriented, rough and sketchy linework that does not compromise on detail.  Monotone colors keep the atmosphere moody and gritty.

Intended for digital media, each panel uses the entire screen, giving readers the illusion of watching an animation rather than reading a static graphic novel.

The Story

Drasin, a carefree boy from a small countryside village, witnesses the death of his older sister at the hands of a barbaric race of warriors, the Kgarra.  But amidst this tragedy Drasin clings to a desperate hope – his sister once filled her brother’s head with stories of a legendary hero, a singular individual with the power to bring an end to the Kgarra threat: The Blade of the North Wind.

This sets into motion a coming-of-age adventure as Drasin searches for the legendary hero. Along the way, Drasin meets a unique cast of characters and together they help each other to survive a harsh and violent world. And what starts as a quest for vengeance quickly turns into a movement that inspires an army.

Blade of the North Wind tells the story of a boy who, in search of a hero, becomes the very thing he sets out to find.

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