Ask Us Anything on FormSpring

We’ve opened an account on FormSpring so folks can ask us questions if they’d like to.  You can literally ask anything, anytime, even anonymously, and we’ll answer. JUST GO HERE

Facebook and Twitter and An Alternative to Zuda

Three (and a half) bits o’ news: #1 – WE HAZ TWITTER Why yes, yes you can.  Yum-yum. Check us out at (or search for @killthegrizz).  Whoo-hoo!  Tweetin’ the days away. #2 – WE HAZ FACEBOOK Visit us and  “Like” us by clicking on this link.  Get all the latest updates, news, post anything […]

The Bear Hunters (Welcome)

Welcome everyone.  As of this writing, we haven’t yet opened the gates of this endeavor to the public, but we’re only a few short days away. To find out everything you need to know about KILLING THE GRIZZLY, read this. Got all that?  Great, so let’s talk a little bit about huntin’ them big ol’ […]" alt="Organic Themes" />

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