Create, Fund, and Distribute Comics with Killing the Grizzly and Hukilau!

Killing the Grizzly has officially partnered with Hukilau to offer a brand new opportunity for independent comic creators to create, fund, and distribute comics, as well as offer the possibility for professional literary representation.

This is a ground breaking partnership that offers a wide array of services for shepherding creator projects through their full production process – from concept to funding to creation to distribution.

Included are studio services, professional polish, marketing support, and review by KTG for possible agency representation.  This partnership is also part of a larger coalition of companies that have teamed with Hukilau to offer a one-stop resource for digital distribution, transmedia marketing, branded mobile app creation and distribution, and the ability to showcase creator work to entertainment industry professionals.

What is Hukilau?

Hukilau is a new venture that launched in July 2010.  It’s mission is to offer a new platform to create, fund and distribute independent media.  In the converging media landscape, their aim is to help digital media find it’s audience.  Creators can propose independent projects, get them funded, produced and distributed.

While Hukilau is the core portal for all its resources, it is through strategic partnerships with other companies that they plan to offer every possible service an independent creator might want or need.

Hukilau is a brilliant new platform that digital savvy professionals have predicted for years,” KTG vice president Dallas Miller mentions.  “Between the services that Killing the Grizzly will offer, alongside the mobile-specific services of Robot Comics, comic creators will find virtually anything and everything they need through the single resource called Hukilau.”

The Services

Killing the Grizzly will offer creators a range of Studio Services including professional logo design, cover and interior design, editorial services, as well as help match incomplete creative teams with writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers, and colorists.

KTG will additionally, on request, review any comic, prose, or poetry work that comes through Hukilau for possible literary agency representation.

How it Works

All creators will need to apply and be accepted into the Hukilau Creator’s Program.  Once inside, if a creator reaches out to Killing the Grizzly for any of its listed Studio Services, KTG will work with the creator to put together a full creative team and then a quote for all desired labor.  The creator then utilizes the Hukilau system to fund the project in part or in full.

In regard to the literary agency, if a creator’s work is selected of representation and they agree to all terms, KTG will work on a  commission based structure only, and no funding will be required on the creator’s part.

About Hukilau

For more information on Hukilau, visit their website.  If you’re a creator, begin by signing up to the Hukilau Creator’s Program.

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