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How does a modest-to-moderately-budgeted film – unable to compete with the obscenely expensive marketing campaigns attached to most feature films – attract a ticket buying audience? An audience that WILL turn up at the ticket counter and ultimately insure a return on investment?



You know that making your movie is only the start of a much bigger battle – making it a hit. You need low-cost, high-impact ways to brand your creation so that the entire world will stop whatever it is they’re doing and pay attention. And Killing the Grizzly can offer you one of the best.

For a fraction of traditional costs we can create, engage, and target the cross-over demographics that populate other mediums by releasing fully-realized properties within the comic book, graphic novel, digital applications, and online media worlds.


KTG offers full studio services and custom software development for creating licensed comic materials for print and digital.

We’re not just talking about a last-minute tie-ins that are rushed and eat up your marketing budget.  KTG works directly with the original creators to oversee a licensed product as commercial and innovative as the source material, that meets their approval every step of the way.

We additionally:

  • Find the best publisher for the print edition. Finding a publisher isn’t hard.  Finding the RIGHT publisher, who will handle your comic the way you want it to be handled, is a mite tougher.  We make it happen, just the way you want it to happen.
  • Develop unique, custom cutting-edge software for the digital edition. Don’t just toss a comic out with generic, licensed software.  Build a digital edition as unique and branded as your movie.
  • We do ANDROID (and iPhone, and iPad). Android smartphones just surpassed iPhone sales this past year.  Android tablets are on their way to kick the iPad’s behind.  And anything we do, we do for Android, too – ALL Androids!

We work directly with ROBOT MEDIA for our software development needs.

Robot is the brains behind:

Let’s Summarize:

You should craft licensed, branded comics and digital apps with KTG in order to:

  • Expand the story of your property with visually stunning, “budgetless” comics!  Tell the stories that would never work in any other format!
  • Include DVD-style extras, commentary, interviews, soundtracks, interactivity, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks in both print and digital.
  • Market every element of your property – interactively within the digital apps, and classically within the print editions.
  • Reach new domestic and international audience bases – within book stores, comic shops, and multiple digital marketplaces – all for the cost of a small single-city billboard campaign.

Plus, you get to say “I make comics” and show it to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Your movie + your comic book + your graphic novel      + your uniquely tailored digital app = a fully-realized LOW-COST HIGH-IMPACT marketing plan that dramatically increases the potential return on investment.

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