Dominion’s Light by Brandon Easton and Jeff Stokely

DOMINIONS LIGHT by BRandon Easton and Jeff Stokely: Partial Cover

The Skinny

“The Quest for the Key!”

Dominion’s Light is Warhammer meets Akira with a dash of Escaflowne added for good measure.

One generation after a cataclysmic war across the Dominion of Graid’yan (pronounced GRAY-ID-AYAN), three young adventurers are brought together by fear, betrayal, and disgrace, to stop an upcoming apocalypse set in place by a madman who seeks to remake the world in his own twisted image.

The Style

Dominion’s Light is a single 200-page full-color graphic novel – a stand-alone tale relating an epic quest to determine the future of a war-torn world.  Writer Brandon Easton has built an intricate new world in Graid’yan, a planet populated with fully realized races, continents, and histories.

Advanced technology and high sorcery have developed side by side, resulting in an apt melding of the two: we see complex airships that are actually aborted dragon fetuses; sniper rifles that use bullets made of dried tears of Titans; cities built on shining stalks of organic ice; rivers made of colonies of slugs.

The art by Jeff Stokely is a perfect fit for this panorama.  High fantasy and hard sci-fi are equally, elegantly illustrated under his pen.  The action is captivating, the color multi-faceted and textured, and Stokely’s use of blacks adds just the right Gothic addition to the picture.

The Story

On the world of GRAID’YAN, across the six continents that comprise THE DOMINION, a team of adventurers are put on a quest to discover a mystical device known as the KEY ULTIMA that is believed to unlock the cosmic energy forces of the CYCLEAN BIBLE.

They are RESO, a warrior betrayed by his own father; HAMMERIUS REX, an exiled prince of a Lizardman kingdom; and KYSHIA, an innocent teenage girl facing execution for fear of being a witch.  But leading the charge for the Key Ultima is the sinister LORD VALGON, leader of the Valgonath Reapers – a merciless horde of quasi-daemon soldiers whose very existence hides a dark secret about the history of the Dominion.

Because Graid’yan is still healing from the last global war, the people of the Dominion do not suspect that a new onslaught is upcoming – as the Valgonath Reapers tear the world into pieces in search of the key! Can our small trio of heroes forge a new future for the Dominion?  Or will evil win, as it often, truly does?

Preview Pages (uncolored)

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