Facebook and Twitter and An Alternative to Zuda

Three (and a half) bits o’ news:


Why yes, yes you can.  Yum-yum.

Check us out at http://www.twitter.com/killthegrizz (or search for @killthegrizz).  Whoo-hoo!  Tweetin’ the days away.


Visit us and  “Like” us by clicking on this link.  Get all the latest updates, news, post anything you’d like on our wall (though we retain the right to remove anything incriminat…uh…we mean “offensive”).

Also check out sneak peaks of our current comic projects like the YA Gothic mangaka, HOPELESS, MAINE as seen below:

#3 – An Alternative to Zuda?

You read that right.  We’re in the process of putting together the pieces of this, one way or another.  This won’t be a competition structure, but something far more organic, open, and fair.  Just got off the phone with a fella today that may put something in place for comics creators relatively fast.  Should this work out, it may be ready in a matter of a week or two. Stay tuned!

#3.5 – We’re Announcing Ourselves Tomorrow!

Not really news, but kind of.  The big PR is heading out the doors tomorrow, and we’ll be spending the day contacting the news authorities to get the word out, hopefully get some interviews set up, that kind of thing.  It’s going to feel great to get this show rolling.  Hope to see you there!

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