Feather by Steve Uy

“While other series have tried and failed along the way to capture the mood and dynamics involved with making a pure fantasy graphic effort, Steve Uy hits it out of the ball park on his first try.”

–Anthony Lucynski, Comixfan.com

The Skinny

Feather is a story of trust, friendship, and some dragons on the side.  A 150+ page full-color graphic novel with a planned sequel (Feather Rex) and prequel (Scale: The Dragon Wars of Rakkon), Feather is set in the continent of Rakkon, and tells the star-crossed story of Leeka, a full-blooded dragon, and her best friend, Sehven, a half breed who dreams of becoming a dragonslayer.

What will happen when the dragon tries to help her dragonslaying friend to achieve his dreams?

From Steve Uy, the creator of Eden’s Trail and Jova’s Harvest, and artist of Uncanny X-Men, JSA Classified, Avengers Initiative, and Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century, comes a story revolving around the star-crossed relationship between two of the closest of friends, the value of achieving one’s dreams, and the consequences of choosing one at the cost of the other.

Welcome to Rakkon.  Enjoy your stay.

“There’s so much care and thought put into this new creation, and it gives the reader a strong hook to want to come back for more. This is the sort of book that will appeal to a wide audience, in the same way that Hayao Miyazaki’s films appeal to all ages.”

Greg McElhatton, Read About Comics

The Style

This latest iteration of Feather is based on the original black-and-white GN by creator Steve Uy.  Now fully re-imagined, expanded, redrawn, and finished with some of the most glorious digital coloring ever put to paper, Feather is like a still-motion animation accomplished with a painter’s eye.

Inspired by the brisk pacing of manga and utilizing a strong anime flavor, the story of Feather combines complexly choreographed action sequences, cinematic visuals, and an emotional one-two punch when the friendship of the main characters is put to the ultimate test.  The final effect is a fast paced, intelligently written, and impossible to put down action adventure.

The Story

Years after the Dragon Wars – which rendered the continent of Rakkon unfit for human habitation – Sehven lives a carefree life as a half-breed with his brother Clip.  Seeking only to become a great dragonslayer in order to fulfill his lifelong dream, Sehv needs only to find a full-blooded dragon to kill, but in a time when dragons are thought to be long extinct, this could prove to be easier said than done.

Then there’s Leeka, his best friend, and a self-proclaimed full-blood.  But if her claim is true, will Sehv be tempted to accomplish his dragonslaying goal through her?

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