Half Way Home by Len N. Wallace and Steven Walters

The Skinny

“What Would You Do if Your Roommate Died Having Sex on Top of a Large Pile of Money?”

That’s the dilemma that faces Abe DeVos and his housemates as they pull their roommate “Lucky” Streicher’s dead weight off the hysterical stripper being crushed underneath him after a night of gambling, drugs, and excess sex send him off to his own great reward.  And leaving his housemates to ask each other the same question: “Y’don’t think Ol’ Lucky’s gonna need all that cash, where he’s goin’…right?”

HALF-WAY HOME is a new 144 page OGN from the critically acclaimed writer of LOVE BUZZ, and the creator of the Glyph Award nominated SUBURBAN FOLKLORE comes a tale from the other side of the tracks, where in a world where most people live just a paycheck away from the streets, money and desperation lead men down unexpected paths.

The Style

Half Way Home is part urban action thriller and part young 20-something black comedy.  Written by Len N. Wallace, the scribe of the painfully realistic romance graphic novel, Love Buzz, he lends his unique ability to craft naturalistic characters you swear you’ve met before!  And then he throws them into the most lunatic – but still possible – situation he could think of.  Think Kevin Smith executing a concept by Larry Clark, and you’ll be getting close.

Steven Walters offers up pitch perfect artwork for the tale.  Having refined his ability to illustrate urban settings, low income youth, and emotional poignancy alongside tension-filled drama with his previous works, Suburban Folklore and South Central Rhapsody, Walters steps up his game with the insanity that is Half Way Home.  Regular down-on-their-luck 20-somethings?  Check.  Sex, drugs, and misdemeanors?  Check.  Homicidal need to walk away with a boatload of cash?  NOW we’re getting somewhere!

The Story

The “Half-Way Home” is a large old house in Louisville, whose owner saw it in his heart to let the place become a home for down on their luck souls who’s problems with substance abuse had ostracized them from friends and family.  For years, it’s been a blessing.

Then one night, everything changes. When a current Half Way Home resident, “Lucky” Jim, dies of a sudden heart attack in the midst of a drug-and-adrenaline-fueled tryst with a hooker, he does so while lying atop $100,000 of hard cash. Toby is the first to mention the elephant in the room: “I don’t suppose Ol’ Jim’s gonna be needin’ all that cash, where he’s goin’, right?”

The wealth is distributed evenly, and things start off innocently, almost flawlessly.  But rifts soon begin to grow within the group.  Not everyone uses their share wisely.  And where it all leads, is anyone guess!

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