Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter by Russell Nohelty and Renzo Podestá

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The Skinny

ICHABOD JONES: MONSTER HUNTER is the disturbed, creepy, twisted and often brutal tale of one man’s journey to destroy all the evil in the world.

Created and written by up-and-comer Russell Nohelty (Katrina Hates Dead Shit) and illustrated by Renzo Podestá (27: Second Set), ICHABOD JONES:  MONSTER HUNTER will scare and horrify you as often as it will make you laugh.  Dive into the story of the world’s most unlikely hero as seen through the eyes of one of the most deranged comic book characters since JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC.

Coming in late 2011 from Viper Comics.

The StyleIchabodJones_issue1_Cover

Most stories deal with a hero that the reader can clearly root for because he inhabits everything good in a morally corrupt world.  Ichabod Jones flips that on its head by making Ichabod a psychopath who’s been institutionalized for murdering untold scores of people.

Still, the great thing about Ichabod is while he’s a demented schizophrenic he accepts the challenge of becoming a hero…even though his methods are far from perfect.

Throughout the run of the story Ichabod Jones plays with our perspective of reality.  Is Ichabod REALLY a monster hunter at the end of the world?  Or is he dreaming from panel one?  Or has he escaped from the institution and is killing innocent people while his dementia convinces him they are monsters?  Ichabod Jones allows the reader to believe ANY of these realities – they’re all equally valid.

The Story

Ichabod Jones follows the exploits of an insane and fundamentally deranged mental patient that escapes from a maximum security asylum to rid the world of monsters during the Apocalypse with the (usually unwelcome) help of the omniscient, impatient, and authoritative voice in his head.

Ichabod is always reluctant, scared, and nervous to complete any task, but he’s simultaneously petrified of the voice in his head, and believes that if he doesn’t do what it says he will surely be killed by any number of unimaginable horrors.  So over the years an unlikely and uneasy bond has formed between them.

But what Ichabod Jones is really about is perspective.  Throughout the run of the story the reader will never know if a) Ichabod is truly a monster hunter at the end of the world or b) If the entire story takes place solely in his head or c) he has actually escaped from the institution but is brutally murdering real people and his brain is telling them that they are monsters due to his condition.

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