Savage Planet by Dan Parsons

Savage Planet is, without doubt, one of the best pulp comics out there today.  It’s not an update, a reinvention, a deconstruction, or a genre blend.   It’s exactly what it pays homage to: an old-school opera with a very heroic and violent hero, gorgeous women both vicious and guileless, and a thousand weird sci-fi conventions flung at warp speed in all directions.”


The Skinny

Savage Planet is a multi-volume homage to the pulp space operas of Edgar Rice Burroughs…with a twist.

Award winning Star Wars artist Dan Parsons transports you to the distant planet of Terra One in this lushly illustrated comic book epic.  Pre-historic creatures, monstrous floating heads, and beautiful warrior women abound in this exciting homage to the EC Comics work of Frank Frazetta and Al Williamson!

Dan Parsons has been a regular contributor to Dark Horse Comics for nearly 10 years, working on such high profile titles as Star Wars: RepublicKing Kong and Star Wars: Jedi.  Most recently, Dan has been part of the creative team that introduced the acclaimed Star Wars Legacy series and has been a regular inker on Knights of the Old RepublicClone Wars and other Star Wars titles for Dark Horse. Dan is currently inking the new Star Wars Legacy: War! series that is scheduled for release in December, 2010.

“Parsons’ writing on Savage Planet is quite engaging, and works very much in the tradition of the grandmasters of science fiction. The social commentary of the plot is reminiscent of Frederick Pohl’s themes. As for the characters and settings, they bring to mind both the space operas of Jack Vance and the science fantasy of Edgar Rice Burroughs.”


The Style

Savage Planet is done in the serialized 8-page chapter style of the classic EC Comics of the 1950’s. The story takes place between two different locales: the barbarian planet of Terra One, where swords and science fiction sorcery war with each other; and also Old Earth, where our hero, Captain Hawkins, has been imprisoned to await his court martial, all the while spinning the tale of his time on the “savage planet” of Terra One.

The art is of two distinct styles, adopting a different tone between the two planets.  On Terra One, the tones are lush and the layouts dynamic.  On Old Earth, where an ancient Empire holds sway, the setting is dark, stark, and sterile.

“An impressive comic book.  I love everything about Savage Planet.”

–Paul Dale Roberts,

The Story

Savage Planet tells the story of space pilot Capt. Tom Hawkins.  From his dark prison cell on Old Earth, Capt. Hawkins recounts his adventures on the distant pre-historic world of Terra One.  He tells us of his many battles, the friends he had made along his journey, and of the young native girl who was his constant companion on this strange new world.

In the first volume, we blast off from Old Earth’s orbit on Capt. Hawkins first mission to Terra One, gallop across the vast plains on horseback, battle for survival against the pre-historic beasts,  and come face to face with the mechanized killers of the Planetary Authority.  Finally, we watch the tragic events unfold that lead to our narrator’s capture and imprisonment back on Old Earth.

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