Shadowlaw by Brandon Easton

The Skinny

“A Universe of Faith Built on Lies.”

Shadowlaw is Underworld meets Transformers, a sci-fi action-horror mash-up that presents a near-future world on the brink of violent political revolution.  A disgraced soldier discovers that a concentration camp is actually a feeding zone for a race of powerful daemonic vampire cyborgs.  Soon a conspiracy of vast proportions is unveiled – one that threatens the independence of the human race throughout the entire world!

Shadowlaw is a 4-issue series scheduled for Summer 2011 publication through Arcana Studios.

The Style

Shadowlaw is the ultimate sci-fi horror action bash by a writer who effortlessly blends the most cherished elements of the genres – mecha, monsters, politics, religion, and epic battles – into a satisfying whole. Brandon Easton crafts a story as fast-paced and brutal as it is inventive and thought-provoking.

Shadowlaw is illustrated by a number of artists, together offering a style reminiscent of the heyday of Transformers comics from the early 2000’s.  The tech is detailed and dynamic, the monsters gruesome, and the action executed with a visual choreography that’s sure to impress. It’s a pitch-perfect combination of manga, animation, and digital artistry.

The Story

Rictor Caesaro is a Mech Battle Suit pilot and one of the true faithful of the New Earth Alliance (NEA), a theocratic organization that acts as the political and economic governing body throughout the world.  But during a routine mission to pacify a local uprising, Rictor is overcome by an uncontrollable urge to shoot his commanding officer to death.

Tried and quickly convicted, Rictor is sent to a maximum security prison District located on the swamplands near the Florida/Georgia border.  There he encounters inexplicable attacks by strange inhuman beings. What’s worse, he soon learns that the District is complicit in these creatures’ movements – and the prisoners are nothing but food!

And that’s just the beginning of a mind-numbing conspiracy that includes cloning, vampires, mech battle suits, politics, religion, and a battle between human and monster so disastrous that it’s the greatest kept secret of the ruling class.

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