Supercharger by JM Ringuet

The Skinny

Get ready to rock ’n roll because the fully loaded hi-octane roadstory of Supercharger is coming your way!  It’s Vanishing Point meets Ghost! A white knuckled ride of tragic romance and supercharged fury at 120 miles per hour!

When ex-cop Warren Draeger loses his newlywed wife, Alice, in a fatal car accident, he dusts off a supernaturally-powered supercharger to drive straight into the afterlife to get her back! But the land of the dead is a dangerous place – a twisted version of Las Vegas filled with demonic road gangs and fates far worse than death!

Supercharger is a single 180-page graphic novel featuring insane car chases, intense action, and a romance that breaks down the borders of Hell itself!

The Style

Creator JM Ringuet knows how to draw stylish cars, over-the-top action, and horrific monsters, which makes him the perfect craftsman for Supercharger.

Under his pen the afterlife becomes a desert under a blood red sky, a parched emptiness. Picture a mix of Ed Hardy, Heavy Metal album covers and “Kar Kulture” images.

It’s The Very Wild West, desert and rugged mountains, vicious snakes and scorpions crawling over blanched skulls, skies boiling with bats and vultures, gallows and ghost towns punctuating the landscapes, biker gangs and tattooed greasers in muscle cars roving the cracked blacktop, with hard rock music and a Ennio Morricone soundtrack.

The Story

A single act of revenge by local mobsters against ex-cop Warren Draeger leaves Warren in leg braces and his newlywed wife, Alice, dead.  Warren is rescued and nursed back to health by a mysterious Native American vagrant named Dogman – an old friend of Warren’s father, who knows about Warren’s family’s secret.  A supercharger that can cross into the land of the dead.

Warren and Dogman cross over, and are immediately besieged by The Keepers – a gang of bikers,  truck drivers, and muscle car men who transport souls to their final fate.   But the Keepers are lead by the insane Johnny Sepultura, who is abusing the souls of the recently dead for his own amusement.  And Warren’s Alice has caught Sepultura’s eye….

Three days within the land of the dead is all Alice and Warren have to find each other, before Warren himself becomes a dead soul and Alice becomes a mindless, flesh-eating ghoul under Sepultura’s watchful gaze!

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