Supreme Posse by JM Ringuet

The Skinny

“Can Bad People Do Good Things?”

An aging US Marshall recruits a posse of dangerous criminals to bring down the most secretive and mysterious Underworld boss.

Supreme Posse is Breakout Kings meets The Usual Suspects, like a great TV cop show on paper, with an epic underlying plot thread.

The Style

The action of Supreme Posse travels through three different investigations led by three teams of 2 deputies, all intertwined and sharing common elements that are revealed at the end.

JM Ringuet’s art for Supreme is appropriately urban and bleak.  The setting of South Los Angeles is captured perfectly – you can virtually see the soot on the surface while the sun beats down from a clear blue sky!  The linework is thick and black, the characters real in action and appearance.  Toss in some Hollywood style intrigue, and it’s West Coast neo-noir at its finest.

The Story

For the past 6 years US Marshall Deputy Leif Coburn has been chasing the same shadowy Underworld boss: Carlos Weber Mata, AKA El Doctor, a University educated man with uncommon methods and secret political ambitions.

After multiple failures Coburn is faced with a tough decision. He decides to forcibly recruit 6 hardened criminals into an anti-heroic Posse, making them temporary deputies to go after El Doctor.

Operating from an abandoned Dog Pound in South Downtown Los Angeles, Coburn directs his team like any police leader would but his agents are cops only in name.

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