The Best of You, The Best of Me by Len N. Wallace and Aaron Bir

The Skinny

Amanda and Harvey’s relationship has come to an end….

The break-up is painful, but relatively smooth – until a few months later when Amanda begins to suspect that their “final gift” has left her single and pregnant!

The Best of You, The Best of Me is a 96-page Original Graphic Novel exploring what happens when two people who have already learned that they have no business being together, suddenly realize they may be linked together for the rest of their lives.

The Style

Writer Len N. Wallace brings natural, verité style dialogue and characterization to The Best of You, The Best of Me. Harvey and Amanda are neither entirely selfish nor romantic.  Their relationship is a true two-way street with real love and casual abuse heaped on both sides.  The subject matter – unplanned pregnancy – is handled with incredible maturity and an empathy that neither belittles nor over-dramatizes the situation.

The art by Aaron Bir is a unique blend of classic cartoonist and contemporary indie autobio comics.  There’s a little bit of Milt Gross and Windsor McCay mixed with Ariel Schrag and Chester Brown.  Burr brings real life to Amanda and Harvey’s world – emotion-fueled and quietly poignant.

The Story

After two years together, Amanda and Harvey are breaking up.

It’s her idea, but he’s not putting up much of a fight.  A final embrace leads to one last night together.  A “parting gift”.  The pair pick up their single lives; Amanda goes out dancing, and Harvey’s off to see his friends at the old bar he used to haunt.  They’re single, and liberated – it’s like a new chapter for both of them.

But one month later, Amanda calls Harvey, surprising him.  Suspicious of why she might be calling, Harvey prodds her a little, and the two begin arguing as if they’d never broken up.  The fight ends with Amanda blurting out about her pregnancy.  She hangs up leaving Harvey on the other end in shock.

Now the two must determine how to move forward with their lives, while honoring new relationships with others and their permanent responsibility to a new link between each other.

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