The Buzz(es) that Almost Was(es)

KTG client Len N. Wallace will speak and sign copies of Love Buzz 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 2, at the Yale Bookstore in New Haven, Connecticut.  The talk is titled “The Buzz(es) That Almost Was(es)“, and will focus on the nearly eight-year journey Len had getting this, his first book made.

That’s right.  EIGHT.  YEARS.  For one book.  And authors take note: one and a half years after it’s release, Len is still racing around promoting it.

NEWSARAMA posted today:

Promotion around a book, especially a comic book, is usually centered around a couple of months before it’s released, and then maybe a week or two after it’s out there. Then, it’s on to the next, newest thing — at least for readers.

For authors, though, they’re often out pushing their wares long after the on-sale date, especially a creator-owned graphic novel like Love Buzz, published December 2009 by Oni Press. It’s a romantic comedy telling the story of young comic book artist Norm and his tumultuous relationship with girlfriend Maggie, and writer Len N. Wallace’s promotion is taking him to the Ivy League — specifically, a signing and speaking gig this Saturday at the Yale University bookstore.



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