The Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske

The Skinny

THE WORMWORLD SAGA IS AN ONLINE GRAPHIC NOVEL designed in a vertical scrolling format. The ideal screen/window size to read the graphic novel is 1024×768 pixel. Measured in these dimensions, the first chapter of the story will fill approximately 32 screens which is a general aim for the following chapters.

The layout of the Wormworld Saga online graphic novel is designed to allow the reader a seamless and immersive experience without being distracted by pageturns.  The vertical format also is used as a creative device to achieve effects that are not possible in a classic page layout (smooth scene transitions, virtual camera tracks).  The graphic novel can be navigated inside the browser window using the mouse wheel.  However, the ideal device to experience the Wormworld Saga online graphic novel is the Apple iPad which features ideal screen dimensiones and smooth and intuitive scrolling by touch.

The Style

The Wormworld Saga features a classic, humanistic story with compelling characters that will apeal to a wide range of readers.  The protagonist experiences the whole spectrum of human struggles: overcoming fear, coming of age, friendship, love and hate, searching for the meaning of life, going through hell and finally getting a wider perspective on the concept of good and evil.

Also, each major character has it’s own developed story arc which adds to the themes of the Wormworld Saga: overcoming a destiny that is imposed by others, finding a place in a changing world, choosing between profit and friendship and becoming ruthless in persuing higher goals.

The three journeys of the Wormworld Saga form a trilogy, that grows in complexity with each part. The concept of overlapping timeframes is used to construct unexpected story twists and revelations up to the very last moments of the story.

The Story

The Wormworld Saga is a fantasy graphic novel about the life and adventures of Jonas Berg, who at a young age, on a dusty attic, encounters a passageway to the Wormworld.

From that day on, his fate is attached to this fantastic and mysterious place, which he visits in three journeys at different ages, each beeing an epic adventure of it’s own but all being woven into each other.

Inside the Wormworld Jonas finds indiscribable wonders, new friend, love and hate, good and evil and he reveals his family legacy, which makes him become a central figure in an epic conflict that shakes the Wormworld and drives it to the brink of it’s destruction.

Preview Images

The rights to Wormworld are currently available, with the exception of the video game IP.  If interested, please contact us at inquiry [at] killingthegrizzly [dot] com

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